• TORIBI33 Cl
  • Fusti


High-fermented blonde beer inspired by blond ales' brewing style, from which it derives being easy drinking while keeping a good aroma and taste complexity. A strongly golden, lightly opalescent colour and a white, solid foam, it pervades the nose with fragrances of yellow blooms, sweet fruits and pineapple, giving then room to a pronounced honey flavour, getting steadily stronger and in the end, predominant. The Noble European Hop doesn't hide his bitter, and fruitfully coexists with the malt and this beer's strong body.

Toribi can as easily by drinked with no combination as joined with a complete meal favouring appetizers, first dishes, legumes (especially chickpeas) and white meats. It goes perfectly with pizza, and it's worth giving it a shot with ethnic cuisine, in particular the middle-eastern one, like humus. It also pairs just fine with the typical vegan cooking flavours.

TORIBI is Japanese slang to ask for a beer; “tori” also means “birds”, so the goldfinches drawn on the label.

  • Style: Blonde ale
  • Fermentation: High-fermented
  • colour: Golden blonde
  • Foam: White and solid
  • Alcohol : 5,4 %
  • Bitter: Balanced
  • Aroma: Yellow blooms, pineapple, honey
  • body: Medium