How we make our beer.

Producing a sensational Craft Beer is a matter of balance, precision, technique, passion and creativity.
 Here at 61cento Brewery, we know that being born in Italy, and especially in Marche, is a priceless fortune. Sure enough, our territory offers raw ingredients of excellent quality and it’s a duty to know and use them all. But we also know that it would be wrong to limit ourselves to a narrow-minded way of thinking, taking only local products in consideration. That’s not the best choice, especially since we committed to be nothing less than outstanding brewers. 
That’s why we go out in search of hops in Japan, United States, Australia or New Zealand; we travel to Germany, Belgium and Britain for malts; at the same time, we keep in mind that the Gentil Rosso wheat that grows in Marche is one of the best in the world; that from Cabernet Franc grape must of the Selvagrossa Winery, from which they produce a great wine, makes VULPES a perfect match between the two excellent drinks, beer and wine; that our local peaches give to PERSICA a unique freshness and drinkability; that we are always looking for other products of the territory, tying us more and more to our land!

61cento Brewery makes “living” beers. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, without preservatives, re-fermented in bottle with live yeast. It produces both high fermentation and low fermentation beers.