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  • Fusti


Dark, bottom-fermented beer, derived from the German smoked dark lager. This beer has a intense dark colour with mahogany shades, clear and bright, with a solid and creamy foam releasing smoked, barley coffee, coffee, liquorice and unsweetened cocoa aromas. It is, surprisingly, easy to drink. Thanks to the low-fermentation yeasts, all these flavours express themselves fully, enhanced by an aftertaste of smoke and by an incredible aromatic persistence, leaving the palate fresh and immaculate.

KUMA goes perfectly with strong flavoured meat courses, best with lamb, boar and hunting game in general, smoked dishes, braised meat, grill, pork shin, gulash and blue cheese. A must try also paired with lamb hamburger with fossa cheese, or a “speck and provola” pizza.

KUMA is the brown bear that inhabits the forests of southern Germany, which this beer replicating the color and reference style

  • Style: Dark Lager Affumicata
  • Fermentation: Bottom-fermented
  • colour: Dark-mahogany
  • Foam: Solid, creamy, persistent
  • Alcohol : 6 %
  • Bitter: Balanced, toasted and smoked malts
  • Aroma: Intense, smoked, coffee, barley coffee, liquorice
  • body: Medium