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ONI is a “Red IPA”, a high hoppy fermentation beer, with a share of dark malts that give a bright dark red copper color. The hazelnut colored foam, solid and creamy, diffuses the scent of herbaceous hops, fruity, earthy and zingy that are mixed to malty and caramel specialty malts. The low carbonation is delicate in the mouth and enhances the flavor of the ONI, balanced between intense bitter, enveloping, persistent and aromas of roasted malts.
Full bodied, with a good and long in the final bitter, the ONI manages to combine very well with meats grill, hamburgers, seasoned cheeses such as Parmesan and pecorino Roman, with rich pizzas, with Mexican and South-East Asia cuisine, with fried foods, pasta and much more!

ONI are the demons of the Eastern tradition, usually red-skinned.

  • Style: Red IPA
  • Fermentation: Top-fermented
  • colour: Deep dark copper
  • Foam: Light brown, solid, dense, creamy
  • Alcohol : 7%
  • Bitter: Strong but balanced
  • Aroma: Herbal, earthy, hazelnut, caramel
  • body: Full