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KISA is a “white IPA”, or a wheat beer with India Pale Ale hops, specifically north-American and Australian ones.
KISA is limpid, of a bright and strong gold and a white and copious foam, solid and persistent.
The nose is immediately hit by a vast bouquet of fruity and floral scents, citrus and tropical fruits.
The taste verifies the good balance of flavours and bitter. The hops are the main character here, but not aggressively. It's a mouthful of aromatic essences and the persistence is really lasting. The most easily detectable bitters are the ones from grapefruit and citron's albedo.
It's a fresh, cheerful, fragrant and intense beer.
KISA is excellent as an aperitif; tasty white meat and carpaccio with citrus-orange; cheese with herbs and medium-aged cheese; risotto, pasta,
Frittata with asparagus, artichokes, clematis and herbs; spicy ethnic food; beef tartare.

The white elephant is a rare and famous Indian pachyderm. Right from here we got the inspiration for this beer; from the spices used, to the style White IPA (indian pale ale).

  • Style: White IPA
  • Fermentation: High-fermented
  • colour: Bright yellow, with golden shades
  • Foam: White, solid, dense, creamy
  • Alcohol : 6,5 %
  • Bitter: Strong but balanced
  • Aroma: Fruity, floral, citrus-scented
  • body: Medium