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PICUS is an Italian Weiss, that is to say a wheat beer reinterpreted through local produce. Its raw wheat is in fact the long-spiked Gentil Rosso, from "Il Gentil Verde" farm. Local is also the name, since PICUS is the Latin word for “woodpecker”, which is Marche's icon.
PICUS presents itself in a bright and opalescent straw-yellow colour, with a rich, solid and persistent foam.
To the nose is firstly evident the fruity note, typical of weiss beers, mostly with banana smell and a balsamic hint from its peculiar hop. Freshness and a mineral note are distinctive of this beer, also noticeable to the mouth. PICUS, refreshing and thirst-quenching, with its creamy and discreet perlage, its light and elegant bitter, is a balanced and easy to drink beer.
Its elective match are fish courses in general, grilled fish, shellfish and fryings.
Outstanding when paired with pizza, still makes a great deal with cold cuts, cheese and first dishes and white meats. Should be tried also with carbonara, the traditional one or the seafood one.

  • Style: Italian Weiss
  • Fermentation: High-fermented
  • colour: Opalescent straw-yellow
  • Foam: White, solid, dense, creamy
  • Alcohol : 5,2 %
  • Bitter: Delicate, balanced, lightly balsamic
  • Aroma: Fresh, mineral, fruity
  • body: Medium