• PERSICA33 Cl
  • Fusti


PERSICA is a high-fermentation peach beer, made using fine local peaches. The delicacy and high quality of the peaches used are found in the aroma of this beer. The peaches and wheat also give the characteristics of fresh notes and slightly acid of the fruit beers, balancing the palate and making it crisp and refreshing.
PERSICA, that is the Latin name of the peach, has a brilliant and intense yellow color and a white opalescent abundant foam, compact and persistent, that fully expresses the aroma of peaches. The nose will perceive aromas of peach accompanied by good freshness and a slight balsamic hops note. PERSICA is a refreshing beer, not too sweet, delicate and with a lingering aroma of peach. The perlage is creamy, while bitterness is delicate and slightly aromatic.

The PERSICA is a beer that fully satisfies the palate at any time of the day. Ideal as an aperitif; with sweet and sour dishes, the orange duck, the meat dishes with sweet good trend as bacon, lamb, grilled; with all the sweets made from fruit, the Californian cake, the creamy and delicate sweets, small pastries, cocktails.

  • Style: Birra alla frutta (pesca)
  • Fermentation: Top-fermented
  • colour: Opalescent straw-yellow
  • Foam: White light and creamy
  • Alcohol : 6,0%
  • Bitter: Light, balanced
  • Aroma: Fruity, peach, fresh
  • body: Medium