The Brewery.

The 61cento Brewery. The 61cento headquarters are in Pesaro, via Giuseppe Pierini 11.
The machinery, the storage room, the offices and the outlet are all gathered in the same building and occupy a total of about 500 square meters.
Inside the brewery are:

  • An air-conditioned storage room for malts, cereals and hops;
  • An Inox three-vats production plant;
  • A cellar with conical fermenter for high and low fermentation;
  • A refrigerating storage room at low temperature for the maturation and preservation of the conditioned products;
  • Isobaric automatic bottling line with labeling, bottle rinsing and capsulator.

The plant’s productive capability is able to guarantee extremely high quality levels to all the beer firms interested in producing their own labels. Are you interested in producing your beer?

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