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KOI is a Milk Stout, a high-fermentation black beer characterized by the addition of lactose. The toasted and bitter notes of the dark malts are tamed and smoothed by the lactose. KOI sticks out with a deep, intense, almost impenetrable dark color. As it’s poured, a wonderful, dense foam immediately forms into the glass, compact and creamy, with a beautiful hazelnut colour which reminds of caffelatte. The chocolate (almost milk chocolate) and cappuccino aromas immediately fill the nose, giving us a hint of the actual taste. KOI is a smooth, full and velvety beer, with a characteristic chocolate and coffee flavor.

KOI is one of the very few beer that can perfectly complement sweets (especially chocolate-based desserts): the “Black Forest” cake, the Sachertorte or the cocoa muffin, any chocolate-based dessert, tiramisu, panna cotta, ice-cream with KOI.

KOI is the famous Japanese koi carp, elegant and precious; but the pronunciation also recalls coffee and black colour, two of the main characteristics of this beer.

  • Style: Milk stout
  • Fermentation: High
  • colour: Black
  • Foam: Compact, dense, creamy, color of hazelnut and caffelatte
  • Alcohol : 4,9 %
  • Bitter: Compact, dense, creamy, color of hazelnut and caffelatte
  • Aroma: Smooth, enveloping, chocolate, cappuccino, coffee
  • body: Full