• 75 Cl
  • 33 Cl

The KAFKA BELGIAN DUBBEL is in Belgian Dubbel style. Dark red in color, bright and intense, it has medium complex aromas of malt, nuts, raisins, caramel and light spices. It is medium body and has moderate alcohol content (7% Vol.), with an intense but balanced entry and a dry and aromatic finish. Hop is perceptible only in bitterness and balances the malted component very well, avoiding excessive sweetness. In this way it comes out a beer of character but easy to drink and never heavy.

Belgian Dubbel can be considered one of the best table beers. It goes perfectly with a lot of culinary preparations but
especially with the tastiest meats (beef, duck, lamb, pork, etc.). Good paired also with cheese, better if semi-seasoned or seasoned, with some
pies and biscuits.

The beers that we would like to make are many, that's why we created KAFKA, a series of "one shot" beers where we can experiment and try out new ingredients.

  • Style: Belgian Dubbel
  • Fermentation: Top-fermented
  • colour: Bright dark red
  • Foam: Solid, persistent
  • Alcohol : 7 %
  • Bitter: Medium, balanced
  • Aroma: Complex, malty, nuts, raisins, caramel, spices
  • body: Medium