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VULPES is a high fermentation beer in the original Italian style of IGA (Italian grape ale). A beer with the addition of Cabernet Franc red grape must from the Selvagrossa Winery, from which they produce an exceptional wine.
The VULPES is clear, with an intense copper color with bright red reflections. The complex aromas immediately amaze you for the contribution that the grape must gives to the beer: multiple, intense, fresh, deep. Focusing on the perfumes allows the beer to warm up slightly and thus release its full potential. It is certainly not a boring beer, indeed! Tasting is confirmed all its complexity, supported by a good body.
VULPES is the link between beer and wine and is therefore very versatile when pairing with food. It undoubtedly prefers meat but also with seafood  goes well, aided by the greater freshness and the ideal serving temperature of about 12 degrees.

The illustration represents the famous Aesop's fable "the Fox and the grape", although in this case we like to imagine that the fox is able to enjoy the fruits of the vine, as we do.


  • Style: IGA (Italian Grape Ale)
  • Fermentation: Top-fermented
  • colour: Red copper, intense, bright
  • Foam: light
  • Alcohol : 9,5 %Vol
  • Bitter: Mild
  • Aroma: Intense, vinous, fresh, complex
  • body: full